S-STEEL is an automated design and analysis tool for structural steel members, plate girders and tapered plate girders. Featuring code checking and auto-design to multiple design codes for both strength and serviceability, use S-STEEL on an entire or partial structural model. Fully integrated with S-FRAME Analysis, S-STEEL provides users with full control over design conditions and produces unparalleled quality design reports featuring interactive formulas, equations, and graphics.

Design Codes are always changing, and so the design module S-STEEL™ R10.0 features both completely new and significantly updated codes, as well as expanded coverage of existing codes. At the same time enhancements to output and efficiency have also been made. Release 10.0 includes support for the following design codes: AISC 360-10 & 360-05 LRFD/ASD, AISC ASD 89, AISC LRFD 94, CSA-S16-2001 & 2009, CSA-S16.1-M94, BS 5950:1990 & 2000, EC3:2005, AS 4100-1998, NZS 3404:1997.




S-STEEL, a steel-design add-on product to S-FRAME Analysis, features:

• Model and results automatically taken directly from S-FRAME®

• Fully integrated, interactive design and analysis process

• Code check or automatic redesign options for strength and span deflection for all or part of a structure

• Supports code checks for both strength and serviceability. Serviceability checks include comprehensive deflection criteria and an option to consider camber

• Support for AISC 360-10 & 360-05 LRFD/ASD, AISC ASD 89, AISC LRFD 94, CSA-S16-2001 & 2009, CSA-S16.1-M94, BS 5950:1990 & 2000, EC3:2005, AS 4100-1998, NZS 3404:1997

• Support for American, Canadian, British, and other international section sizes

• Member grouping for realistic design results – making certain members continuous as required

• User defined constraints for accurate design criteria

• Graphical representation of results allowing for rapid assessment of critical areas for re-design

• Unparalleled quality of printed results – complete breakdown of code results for members that pass or fail

• Full clause references to codes of practice

• Flexible output/reports for designs and code checks

• Flexible output reports and integration with TEDDS®

• Support for design and/or code checking of physical member models, eliminating the need to further define continuous lengths from the analysis model

• Least weight, cost, depth and surface area design criteria

• Material listing for weight, surface area and costs

• Scratch pad for optimal design refinement

• Plate girder design

• Tapered plate girder design check

• Links to 3D steel detailing systems

• Code relaxation available for more conservative designs

• Electronic online help system has been completely rewritten in HTML format

• Support for linear static, response spectrum, linear and non-linear time history (including base and multi-support base motion), linear and non-linear moving load analyses

• Maximum number of load cases and combinations increased from 99 to 4000

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