Use S-PAD DESIGN to quickly check a column, beam or brace without the need to build a complete detailed model. Simply input design loads and effective lengths of the steel elements – be it beams, columns or braces – then run that quick check in seconds, or even better, run an auto-design to identify an optimum section.



S-PAD DESIGN includes advanced code checking capabilities as well as auto-design to all the design codes supported by S-STEEL DESIGN for both strength and serviceability. S-PAD DESIGN can be used as standalone application with a simple spreadsheet-like interface to S-STEEL DESIGN’s powerful steel-design and code check capabilities.



S-PAD Release 10.0 Features


  • A simple and intuitive spreadsheet layout.

  • Simply input strength and stability design forces, effective lengths in compression and unsupported lengths in bending of a steel element (beam, column or brace) and run a quick code check or even an auto-design to help identify an optimum section.

  • Input can be pasted in from external spreadsheet programs.

  • Support for AISC 360-10 & 360-05 LRFD/ASD, AISC ASD 89, AISC LRFD 94, CSA-S16-2001 & 2009, CSA-S16.1-M94, BS 5950:1990 & 2000, EC3:2005, AS 4100-1998, NZS 3404:1997

  • Support for American, Canadian, British, European and other international section sizes.

  • Code relaxation available for more conservative designs.

  • Quickly checks a member’s capacity (beam, column, or brace) without the need to build a complete detailed model.

  • Uses a simple, intuitive spreadsheet layout which allows up to 20 design cases to be evaluated simultaneously.

  • Input files can be saved and can contain multiple worksheets each with up to 20 design cases.

  • Detailed design calculations can be viewed for all section shapes

  • Features exactly the same superb output as S-STEEL as well as the same comprehensive set of design constraints giving the engineer full control of all design parameters.

  • For auto-design an automatically sorted list of adequate sections is produced to easily identify optimum sections and detailed design calculations can be viewed for all sections.

  • Code check or automatic redesign options for strength and span deflection for steel members.

  • Supports code checks for both strength and serviceability. Serviceability checks include comprehensive deflection criteria and an option to consider camber.

  • Flexible output/reports for designs and code checks.

  • Full clause references to codes of practice.

  • Material listing for weight, surface area and costs.

  • User defined constraints for accurate design criteria.

  • Unparalleled quality of printed results – complete breakdown of code results for members that pass or fail.

  • Least weight, cost, depth and surface area design criteria.

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