S-FRAME provides an integrated 4-D structural modeling and analysis management program used to model, design and analyze structural engineering projects from the simple to the most complex. Trusted by thousands of structural engineers worldwide for over 30 years, S-FRAME Analysis is the design and analysis software of choice for moment frames, braced frames, trusses, bridges, office and residential buildings, skyscrapers, industrial buildings, plate/shell structures, cable structures and more


S-FRAME ANALYSIS offers superior support for seismic load analysis, staged construction (4D analysis with discrete increments in time), concrete slab design, 2nd-order analysis for the new AISC 360-10 specification to account for P-Delta effects, Direct Analysis Method, linear and nonlinear static and time history analyses, moving load analysis, buckling load evaluation, and much more.

Featuring numerous productivity tools, advanced analyses, a variety of material models, flexible load combination methods, combined with fast and accurate solver technology and an intuitive user interface, S-FRAME ANALYSIS allows users to evaluate their structural designs using high-fidelity models under a large combination of environmental conditions to yield robust designs: designs that are less sensitive to loading conditions and deviations from intended design during construction.


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